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Editorial: From infancy to adulthood

Editorial: From infancy to adulthood

TELEMATICS and INFORMATICS Vol 3, No 1,p 1, 1986 Copynght © 1986 Pergamon Journals Ltd Printed m USA 0736-5853186 $3.00 + 00 EDITORIAL: FROM INFANCY...

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Vol 3, No 1,p 1, 1986 Copynght © 1986 Pergamon Journals Ltd Printed m USA 0736-5853186 $3.00 + 00


Telemattcs and Informatics was introduced in 1984 in response to the worldwide recognition of and rapid advancement in technology for communication and information transfer. With the current issue, the journal is entering its third year. It is, therefore, time to reflect on this publication's past success and future direction. In its third year, the journal is rapidly passing from infancy to adulthood. As our readers know, this is a very critical phase in the life cycle of a significant publication. Within the first two years Telematics and Informatics has established itself as one of the few journals to report on the current trends in the technical development and growth of telecommunications and computers. By publishing a variety of articles and special issues on current topics of interest to technical and non-technical readers alike the journal remains on the leading edge of the information age. We feel confident that our publication will continue to excel in the future. Many individuals and organizations are responsible for our success and we gratefully acknowledge their work and support. Several of our readers have provided useful suggestions for improving the content of Telematics and Informatics. Also, the distinguished members of the editorial board have been tremendously helpful. We will continue to depend upon our readers and board members to maintain and improve the quality of the journal. Telemattcs and lnformatics is widely circulated in over 126 countries. Our readers cut across various segments of the professional community. They include business and industry, academia, government and independent consultants, and college students. Many public and private libraries now subscribe to the journal. The success, as described above, has been the main source of inspiration for a very dedicated group of individuals involved in the editing, production and publishing process. One of the goals of Telernaties and Informatics has been to publish a truly international mixture of quality articles and we will continue to do so. In addition, the editors are more committed than ever to providing our readers and subscribers with an exceptional and timely journal. The editorial staff of Telematics and Informatics is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Pergamon Press, a company unmatched in its performance and quality service. We thank Pergamon Press for its sincere and dedicated support of Telemattcs and Informatics. Indu B. Singh Jay Liebowitz