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Medical News.

Medical News.

MEDICAL NEWS. 946 SOCIETY Medical News. UNIVERSITY OF DUBLIN : SCHOOL OF TRINITY COLLEGE.-At recent examinations the candidates were successfu...

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Medical News. UNIVERSITY





TRINITY COLLEGE.-At recent examinations the candidates were successful :-

PHYSIC, following


Part I. Materia Medica, Medical Jurisprudence, Pathology, H. Fridjhon, R. St. J. Lyburn, H. T. FIemin?, &c.-M. W. R. Johnston, J. N. U. Russell, J. E. C. Cherry, A. J. Garde, R. M. Wilson, C. R. Harris, R. 1. Reid, C. King, J. F. K. MacCarthy-Morrogh, A. H. O’Malley, Anna M. J. M’Cabe, and F. S. Mackenna.








LONDON.-At recent


Hosps. ; H. J. Harcourt, St. Thomas’s Hosp. ; B. D. Jain, Charing Cross Hosp. ; D. I. Jones, University College and St. George’s Hosps. ; T. M. Joseph, London Hosp.; and L. M. Saunders, Manchester. Medicine.—J. D. Evans, St.. Mary’s Hosp. ; G. Furniss, Manchester ; S. Goldman, London Hosp. ; F. G. Hardaker, St. Mary’s Hosp. ; A. W. Lassowsky, Middlesex Hosp. ; J. D. Ritchie, St. George’s Hosp. ; G. C. Rhys-Jones, Charing Cross-Hosp. ; and S. Slotar, Guy’s Hosp. Forensic Medicine.-H. B. Blaker, St. Mary’s Hosp. ; J. D. Evans, St. Mary’s Hosp. ; T. M. Joseph, London Hosp.; J. D. Ritchie, St. George’s Hosp. ; B. Rosenzvit, Middlesex Hosp. ; A. E. Vawser, London Hosp. ; and L. Wasef,

Midwifery.-G. E. Bent, Manchester ; H. B. Blaker, St. Mary’s Hosp. ; H. M. Feldman, Leeds ; D. I. Jones, University College and St. George’s Hosps. ; A. A. Leibovitch, Kharkoff and London Hosp. ; H. T. Rylance, Middlesex Hosp. ; and V. R. Smith, Manchester. The Diploma of the Society was granted to the following candidates, entitling them to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery: R. P. Charles, J. D. Evans, S. Goldman, F. G. Hardaker, B. D. Jain, G. C. Rhys-Jones, J. D. Ritchie, B. Rosenzvit, S. Slotar, and V. R. Smith.


ceremonial held on Oct. 22nd the following diplomas were conferred :D.P.H.-Walter T. de Silva, Eric F. Dott, Ronald A. Macdonald, Donald P. Maclver,John Macleod, and Elizabeth P. M’Whirter.




Part J.—Kathleen M. Kennedy, Meave Halligan, Sarah M. Coghlan, and Brenda M. Young.



examinations the following candidates passed in the undermentioned subjects :Surgery.-R. P. Charles, Ring’s College and Charing Cross




lecture-demonstrations given twice a week at the College are open to practitioners who are not taking the regular post-graduate courses. Particulars may be found in our Medical Diary week by week. The

approved :-


M. M. Wright, F. A. Buttner, Theophilus Lotter, M. A. H. HUNTERIAN SOCIETY.-On Monday, Nov. 7th, at Gohar, K. R. Mali, G. D. Roche, M. M. Farghaly, K. R. Trembath, P. McK. Logan, Samuel Jurawan, T. B. Dobson. 9 P.M., at the Cutlers’ Hall, there will be a discussion on the Supiramamain Kulanthaivalu, Ponniah, Ram Chandra Legal Perils of the Doctor. The speakers will include Adhikari, John S. T. Isbister, George M. Johnson, Clarence Earl Russell, Dr. James Neal, Mr. Rayner Goddard, and D. C. Golding, Albert A. Huse, Sandaman Sivalingam, Ramanather Kandish, Suppiah Kanagalingam, Israel, Sir Herbert Waterhouse. Gurland, Edmund A. Bulankulane, Arnold W. Green, ROYAL SANITARY INSTITUTE.-A sessional meeting Bola Dayanand Rao, Walter Campbell, Alexander C. Lovett - Campbell, William Jackson, Joseph W. A. will be held at 90, Buckingham Palace-road, London, S.W., McGuinness, Adam S. Gordon, Thomas A. W. Wilson, on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, at 5.30 P.M., when Major H. Barnes William T. A. Pearce, Tan Chang Yan, Geoffrey W. Milledge, will give an address entitled the Royal Commissions on William Ainlsie, and Alfred Bitini Xuma. Medicine.-Ellaman Siva Rama Menon, Mohamed Ralman Health and Housing : A Retrospect and a Forecast. Ramjohn, Arthur B. Anderson, Herbert F. W. Slane, ROYAL OF SOCIETY ARTS.—On Wednesday, Ramchandra Ganesh Paranyape, Bertram J. Ess, Simathamby Chelliah, Veerasekeram Sinnetamby, and Nov. 16th, at 8 P.M., Dr. Leonard Hill, F.R.S., will give an John E. Felix. address on Overcrowding in Public Conveyances. The Surgery.-David A. Herd, Frederick H. Emery, James meeting will be held at the Society’s House in John-street, Masilamani, Maurice Klar, and William Wallace. Midwifery.—David A. Herd, Cyril A. Munro, Agnes Donaldson, Adelphi, London, and Lord Dawson will take the chair. Ellaman Siva Rama Menon, Sundar Singh Nagi, Arthur B. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE PREVENTION OF Anderson, Herbert F. W. Slane, Sinnethamby Chelliah, Joseph M. Chittambatam, Hubert Lelizab Clement de Silva, INFANT MORTALITY.-A course of lectures, for married and George R. Gardner. people only, on the Hygiene of Married Life and ParentMedical Jurisprudence and Public Health.-George Henderson, hood will be given at Carnegie House, 117, Piccadilly, W. Matthew Norman J. 1. Mullen, Ewen L. Fraser, Smith, Andreas Johannes de Villiers, Ramchandra Ganesh Paran- London, W., on Wednesdays from Nov. 2nd to Dec. 7th, The lecturers will be Prof. Winifred yape, Wilfred Kelly, Gavin W. Campbell, and Mark from 8.30 to 9.30 P.M. Cullis (Nov. 2nd), Lady Barrett (Nov. 9th), Dr. J. S. FairLessnoff. bairn (Nov. 16th), Dr. Eric Pritchard (Nov. 23rd), Dr. C. W. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF EDINBURGH.- Kimmins (Nov. 30th), and Prof. Louise McIlroy (Dec. 7th). At a meeting of the College held on Oct. 19th Mr. Alexander Miles was elected President for the ensuing year, Dr. A. Logan FELLOWSHIP OF MEDICINE AND POST-GRADUATE Turner Vice-President, and Mr. John William Struthers MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.-On Monday, Oct. 31st, at 5 P.M., Secretary and Treasurer.-The following 25 successfulat 11, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, London, Mr. candidates, out of 93 entered, who passed the requisite Lawrence Abel will deliver a lecture entitled, Points in the examinations on July 28th, were admitted Fellows :Diagnosis and Treatment of Pyuria. On the same day John M. Bassett, William A. Blomfield, William M. Brown,Dr. Donald Paterson will give a medical demonstration John H. Couch, Albert F. W. da Costa, Hari Dass, George F. iat the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond-street, Duggan, Caroline A. Elliott, Gilbert M. Irvine, Williamat 2.30 P.M., and Mr. Bright Banister a surgical demonH. G. M. Ling, Henry C. Lowry, Robert R. Macintosh,stration at the Chelsea Hospital for Women at 2 P.M. The Ian Macpherson, Richard B. Martin, Robert S. Melville, lecture 1 and demonstrations are open to members of the Angus J. Murray, John S. Ramage, Bunganath Krishna Rau, medical profession without fee. Two courses begin on Eugene J. Ryan, Richard Vyayaratram Nevins Selvadurai, Matthew A. Swan, Thomas E. Stoker, Beriah M. G. Thomas,Oct. 31st-viz., a four weeks’ course at the London Lock 7 and a fortnight’s course at the Hampstead General James Troup, and James N. Young. Hospital, Hospital for general practitioners. From Nov. 7th to 12th At recent examinations the following candidates were the t Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Brompton, will successful :a comprehensive course. From Nov. 14th to 26th 1 provide FINAL EXAMINATION FOR L.D.S. there will be a clinical course at St. Peter’s Hospital, together Athelston E. Thornhill, Robert C. B. Heele, Norman A. W.with a series of formal lectures on diseases of the urinary Ramage, Gladys E. Munro, Alastair D. Walker, Anniettract. From Nov. 14th to Dec. 3rd a course in medicine, M. Kean, Charles J. Hodge, Alexander H. Brown, and s surgery, and gynaecology will be held at the Royal Waterloo Thomas S. Macfarlane. Pathology.—Mary M. Hunter, Francis P. MacGillivray,Hospital, occupying the mornings and some afternoons. Ronald MeA. Blair, William G. Hetherington, Joseph G. IFor those having only a short time at their disposal the Medcalf, Jean F. Miller, and Roger H. White, ffollowing two courses have been arranged : from Nov. 21st Medicine.—Mary M. Hunter, William G. Hetherington, and tto Dec. 17th, at 5 P.M. daily, a series of clinical demonstraRobert M. Cameron. ttions upon selected cases will be given in the out-patient Surgery.-Mary M. Hunter, William G. Hetherington, and department (in Welbeck-street) of the West End Hospital Robert M. Cameron. Dental Subjects.-Ronald D. Allison and Thomas W. Gregory. for Nervous Diseases, and from Nov. 21st, daily from 4.30 bo 6 P.M., for two weeks, there will be a course at the London BRISTOL GENERAL HOSPITAL NURSES’ HOME.-Sirremperance Hospital for practitioners. A course will be George Wills has presented a home for the nursing staff in g,-iven at St. Mark’s Hospital from Nov. 28th to Dec. 3rd. of his wife. The building, which will be known as CCopies of syllabuses are obtainable from the Secretary of memory the " Susan Brittan Wills Home," and has just been opened, tthe Fellowship at 1, Wimpole-street, London, W. 1, and will be sent regularly to those who wish to receive them. will accommodate 31 nurses.




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QUEEN ALEXANDRA.the opening of gardens

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Bishop of

Chapel of St. Luke at Hellingley Hospital a stained-glass window provided by subscriptions from the patients and staff and sundry friends. The designer was Mr. Percy C. Bacon. Lewes has unveiled in the



947 AND




HOSPITAL.—This hospital at Shooter’s Hill will be opened by the Duke of York on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, at 2.45 P.M.

Dr. Abraham Flexner, of the Rockefeller General Education Board, has accepted the invitation of the ViceChancellor of the University of Oxford and the Rhodes Trustees to be the Rhodes memorial lecturer for the year 1928.

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY. Prof. F. T. G. Hobday will take the chair at a public debate on Humane Slaughtering, to be held at Birkbeck College, Bream’s Buildings, E.C.4, at 8 P.M. on Friday, Nov. 4th. The address of the Society’s hon. secretary is 14, The Hawthorns, Finchley, N. 3.

SCARCITY OF DENTISTS.-Mr. W. Malcolm Knott, DONATIONS AND BEQUESTS.-Mrs. Florence Baines, Adel, Leeds, left £1000 to Leeds General Infirmary and £500 chairman of the Surgical Committee, presided recently at to the Leeds United Institute for the Blind, Deaf and the distribution of prizes to successful students of BirmingDumb, and £100 each to the Meanwood Convalescent Home for Children, and the Leeds District Nurses’ Association.




charter which the


King granted last

result of the year

a new


system of

was introduced, and some 120 honorary associates have been transferred to the grade of officers, taking rank immediately after commander. The names of these ladies and gentlemen appeared in the London Gazette of Oct. 21st.


UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE.-Mr. Ernest Clarke, C.V.O., F.R.C.S., consulting surgeon to the Central London

Ophthalmic Hospital, and President of the Section of Ophthalmology of the Royal Society of Medicine, has been elected an honorary Fellow of Downing College. UNIVERSITY


BIRMINGHAM.-A series of four

lectures for dental practitioners will be delivered at the Dental Hospital, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, at 5 P.M. on Thursdays, Nov. 17th and 24th. and Dec. lst and 8the. Particulars may be had from the clerk to the Dental Board at the University.






ham Dental Hospital and School. He said that the number of students in the school might well be doubled. To make good the losses on the Dental Register, by death and retirement from practice, an annual addition of 625 dental surgeons was needed, whereas the present addition was only 450 ; this year, indeed, there would be only 380 accessions. In five years’ time the scarcity would amount to over 1000 men.




MENT.-Under the auspices of the British Humane Association, which was inaugurated in 1923 by Mr. Campbell Johnson, with the object of promoting better health education among the poor in all parts of the world, the London Clinic was opened in Ranelagh-road, Pimlico, London, by Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, on Oct. 26th. The new establishment is the outcome of a small clinic held in one room at Tufton-street, the work of which so grew that larger premises became necessary. In addition to sunlight treatment there are rooms for diathermy, massage, and electrical treatment generally, though no provision at present has been made for an X ray instalment. Dr. Edward James Deck is the medical superintendent, and it is intended that the institution should run on lines similar to those of a general hospital, patients being seen by an almoner, in order to prevent abuse of

A congress to be known as Journees Medicales et Veterinaires Marocaines will be held next Easter (April 3rd to 8th) at Casablanca and Rabat. Among those who will take part charity. are Prof. Leriche, Prof. Calmette, Dr. Ramon, Prof. LardenCHELSEA CLINICAL SOCIETY.-At the annual dinner nois, Prof. Cruchet, and Prof. Vallee. Particulars may be held on Oct. 25th at the Cafe Royal, the President, Dr. ! L. D. had from Dr. Lepinay, rue de Marseille, Casablanca. Bailey, responding to the health of the Society, LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL proposed by Alderman Jefferson Hogg, said that there were MEDICINE.-The following appointments have been made : now 150 members, more than half of whom lived outside The Society was in its twenty-ninth year; it Mr. Reginald Lovell, M.R.C.V.S., D.V.S.M. Manch., research Chelsea.. assistant in comparative pathology ; Mrs. M. M. Smith, was one of the best fraternities in London, and every one of its members was keen. Dr. F. J. McCann, proposing the M.A., demonstrator in bacteriology ; and Miss H. M. Woods, health of the Kindred Societies, referred to the dinner F.S.S., assistant lecturer in the division of epidemiology and vital statistics. Mr. W. Rees Wright, M.Sc., has been meetings of the Chelsea Clinical Society and contrasted them with earlier occasions, when it was difficult to induce appointed to a temporary research post, for the purpose df the weary, worn, and sometimes dinnerless doctor to attend. Dr. A. on the P. Buxton’s continuing investigations biology This was an age of short speeches and short stories, and the of stegomyia. main defect of English medical men, as seen at congresses BRITISH ORTHOPÆDIC ASSOCIATION.-On its visit abroad, was their failure to show pictures or objects that to Bath on Oct. 22nd, this Association was entertained to would catch their hearers’ interest. Mr. Mortimer Woolf, luncheon in the Guildhall by the mayor, Alderman Cedric replying as President of the Hunterian Society, said that Chivers, who was himself unable to be present owing to in preparing a speech the rule was to have ready the first illness. The mayoress, Madame Sarah Grand, said that she and last sentences, and he wondered whether they ought wished that all people unconnected with hospitals could see not to be consecutive. He spoke of John Hunter’s relations the Orthopaedic Hospital at Bath, for to her the cures with St. George’s Hospital. Mr. Ivor Back, proposing effected there were among the most marvellous results the health of the Guests, was reminded of George III., of surgery. After lunch the members of the Association who was shown a list of the generals who had been selected visited this hospital and returned to the Old Baths for the to fight Napoleon. " I do not know what effect they would opening ceremony, which was performed by Councillor have on Napoleon," said he, " but by God they frighten Hacker. He said that that day they were celebrating the me." He described a recent interview with an American " 150th anniversary of the reconstruction by Sir John Wood patient to whom he recommended operation. Yes, one there’s of the " but only surgeon can (junr.), King’s Bath, which actually dated back to Sir," said the patient, who can run the times of the Saxons. The Hot Bath might certainly be operate on me and that is the surgeon faster as old. In the days of the Normans, Robert of Lewes, the than I can." Sir William Orpen referred to the number of bishop of the town (city) built a small lepers’ bath adjoining the guests present and was reminded of a man who ordered the Hot Bath for the relief of sufferers from the various skin 12 poached eggs in the hope that one might be good. Dr. diseases which were then rife. That bath was used with Leonard Huxley, after an amusing analysis of his relations various alterations until 1777, when John Wood, the younger, with doctors, spoke of the respect in which they were held prepared designs for the Corporation for a new hot bath. by Robert Louis Stevenson and Dr. Johnson. Mr. J. Hugh In his report, written 150 years ago, he had said that they Edwards, M.P., said that for some reason the public had could not but flatter themselves that the Corporation more faith in doctors than politicians, though he could not of Bath, who had already so eminently distinguished them- understand why. If a Member of Parliament had claimed selves in providing that small bath for the use of the public, to have swum the Channel no one would have believed would turn their attention to the larger ones, and would think him. He was glad that leading members of the medical it their duty to render the use of the salutary waters as profession had ceased to fling chunks of wholemeal bread extensive as possible, in gratitude for the blessings of the at one another in the press and had surrendered their pitch hot springs. They had every reason to be proud of the to the Bishops. Mr. Alan Hogg spoke of the value of record of the Baths’ Committee within the last few years, medical work in Africa. Dr. Ernest Young proposed the for the town was meeting foreign competition by becoming Health of the President, which was drunk with musical more and more attractive, and by increasing in efficiency honours, and Dr. Bailey, in turn, proposed the Health of as a place of healing. the Officers, to which Dr. Eckenstein responded.




THURSDAY.-10 A.M., Dr. Grainger Stewart: Neurological LONDON HOSPITAL DINNER.—The annual dinner Department. 2 P.M., Dr. Ironside : Medical Outof old students was held at the Trocadero Restaurant on 3 P.M., Sir H. Simson: Gynaecological! patients. Oct. 20th, Dr. Angus Kennedy in the chair. Proposing Ward. the health of the hospital, Dr. Kennedy referred to the FRIDAY.-I0 A.M., Dr. Dowling : Skin Department. 2 P.M., Mr. Tyrrell Gray : Operations. 4.30 P.M., Mr. Sinclair : loyalty which it evoked and the training which it gave ; Gall-stones (lecture). the most enduring friendships of his lifo had been formed SATURDAY.-9.30 A.M., Dr. Burnford : Bacterial Therapy there. When he was a resident 35 years ago conditions and Ward List. 10 A.M., Dr. Owen : Medical Diseases had been very different from what they were now ; in of Children. those days the steak had been so toxic as not to be eatable Operations, Medical, Surgical, and Special Out-patients, and no one faced dinner in hospital if he had earned a fee daily 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. ; Saturdays, 10 A.M. to 1 P.M.. Dr. Russell ROYAL NORTHERN HOSPITAL, Holloway, N.: POSTwhich would pay for it somewhere else. Andrews complimented Dr. Kennedy on his recent success GRADUATE COURSE. in catching burglars much younger than himself, and told TUESDAY, Nov. 1st.—3.15 P.M., Mr. L. E. BarringtonWard : Chronic Indigestion Considered Surgically. stories to a number of his receiving-room an audience which FOR SICK CHILDREN, Great Ormond-street, always asked for more. After the Chairman’s health had HOSPITAL W.C. been drunk with musical honours, the diners left their THURSDAY, Nov. 3rd.-4 P.M., Dr. Thursfield : The Gravertables and the rest of the evening was spent according to Forms of Ansemia. Dawson’s recent comments In view of Lord temperament. SOUTH-WEST LONDON POST-GRADUATE ASSOCIATION. in the House of Lords on the growing sobriety of the WEDNESDAY. Nov. 2nd.-3.30 P.M. (at the Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research, Endsleigh-gardens, W.C.), Dr. younger generation it was interesting to note that the residents were distinctly quieter than last year. S. H. Daukes :. Lecture-Demonstration on Blood

Diseases.. LONDON SCHOOL OF DERMATOLOGY, St. John’s Hospital,. 49, Leicester-square, W.C. TUESDAY, Nov. 1st.—5 P.M., Dr. Knowsley Sibley: Principles of Treatment. Local. THURSDAY.-5 P.M., Dr. A. M. H. Gray : Streptococcal Infections. Information to be Included in this column should reach us ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH, 37, Russellin proper form on Tuesday, and cannot appear if it reaches square, W.C. WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2nd.-4 P.M., Sir H. Gauvain : us later than the first post on Wednesday morning. Tuberculosis as a Problem of Childhood. MACKENZIE INSTITUTE FOR JAMES CLINICAL . S 0 C ! E T ! E S. RESEARCH, St. Andrews. I ROYAL SOCIETY, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W. TUESDAY, Nov. 1st.—4 P.M., Prof. D. P. D. Wilkie: GallTHURSDAY, Nov. 3rd.-4.30 P.M., Prof. Hans Spemann : Bladder Disease and Gall-Stones. Discussion to beOrganisers in Animal Development (Croonian Lecture). opened by Dr. James Orr. ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE, 1, Wimpole-street, W. PEOPLE’S LEAGUE OF HEALTH. TUESDAY, Nov. 1st.—5.30 P.M., ORTHOPAEDICS. (Cases at THURSDAY, Nov. 3rd.-6 P.M. (at 11, Chandos-street,. 4.30 P.M.) Cases: Mr. Alan Todd: Dupuytren’s Cavendish-square, W.), Dr. J. Sim Wallace : Teeth. Contracture in a Girl of 15. Mr. Rowley Bristow : HOSPITAL POST(lBIill-street, Manchester) Anatomical Variation of the Semilunar Cartilage. ANCOATS GRADUATE LECTURES. Mr. St. J. D. Buxton : Two Cases of Fibrocystic THURSDAY, Nov. 3rd.-4.15 P.M. (tea at 3.45 P.M.), Dr. Disease of the Humerus. Other cases will be shown. Kletz : Diarrhoea. 8.30 P.m., PATHOLOGY. Laboratory Meeting at the Middlesex Hospital, W. The Library will be open MANCHESTER ROYAL INFIRMARY POST-GRADUATE. COURSE. until 10 P.M. WEDNESDAY.—5 P.M., HISTORY OF MEDICINE. FRIDAY, Nov. 4th.—4.15 P.M., Dr. A. D. Macdonald : Shock. Papers : Mrs. Singer and Mr. R. Steele : The Emerald Tablet UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD POST-GRADUATE CLINICS. of Hermes. Mr. W. Dawson : Mummies as a Drug. FRIDAY, Nov. 4th.-3.30 P.M., Dr. Naish : Clinical Cases. Members are invited to bring objects, books, prints, ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL, Whitworth -street, Manchester. of historical documents, instruments, medals, &c., TUESDAY, Nov. lst.-4.15 P.M. (tea 3.45 P.M.), Dr. H. C. interest, for exhibition at the meetings of this Section. Cameron: Lloyd Roberts Memorial Lecture: The 8.30 P.M., SURGERY (at the Royal College of Surgeons, Child in General Practice. A Study Both in TemperaLincoln’s Inn-fields). Paper: Sir Arthur Keith : ment and Disease. Concerning the Origin and Nature of Osteoblasts. THURSDAY.-8.15 P.M., TROPICAL DISEASES. Paper : Dr. Aldo Castellani: Blastomycosis Cutis. Other short papers will be read. FRIDAY.-5 P.M., LARYNGOLOGY. (Cases at 4 P.M.) Cases .and specimens will be shown by Sir StClair Thomson, Mr. Bell Tawse, Mr. Vlasto, Mr. Herbert Tilley, Mr. Harold Kisch, Mr. T. B. Layton, Sir James DundasR. HUXT, M.D., M.R.C.P. Lond., has been appointed Grant, and others. 8.30 P.M., ANESTHETICS. Presidential Address: Dr. Cecil Hughes : The Present Honorary Anaesthetist, Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralysis, Maida Vale. Position of Spinal Anesthesia. The Library will be LUMB, N. P. L., M.B. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng., one of the Medical open until 10 P.M. Referees under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, for the SATURDAY.—10.30 A.M., OTOLOGY. (Cases at 9.30 A.M.) Districts of the Bishop’s Waltham ; Petersfield; PortsPresidential Address : Dr. J. S. Fraser : A National of Otosclerosis. Cases and specimens mouth ; and Newport and Ryde County Courts. Investigation will be shown by Mr. R. J. Cann (introduced by Mr. MAIN GOT, RouNEY, F.R.C.S. Eng., Visiting Consulting Surgeon, Victoria Hospital, Swindon. T. B. Layton), Mr. Norman Barnett, and others. STOESSIGER, HILDA N., M.D., M.R.C.P., Honorary Medical LECTURES, ADDRESSES. DEMONSTRATIONS, &c. Registrar, Victoria Hospital for Children, Tite-street, Chelsea. FELLOWSHIP OF MEDICINE AND POST-GRADUATE W. Certifying Surgeons under the Factory and Workshop Acts: MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, 1, Wimpole-street, JAMES, G., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. (Llanelly District of MONDAY, Oct. 31st, to SATURDAY, Nov. 5th.-FELLOWSHIP the County of Carmarthen) ; YOUNG, J. M., M.B., Ch.B. OF MEDICINE. Special lecture at the Medical Society, Edin. (Cardenden District of the County of Fife). 11, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, W., illon., 5 P.M., Points in the Diagnosis and Manchester Royal Infirmary: SMILEY, A. G., M.B., Ch.B. Manch., Mr. Lawrence Abel: Junior Assistant Resident House Surgeon (central branch) Treatment of Pyuria.-CHELSEA HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN, JONES, G. W., M.B., Ch.B. Manch., Resident House Surgeon Arthur-street, S.W. Special surgical demonstration by to the Special Departments ; REGAN, N., M.B., Ch.B. Manch., Mr. Bright Banister at 2 P.M. on Mon.—HOSPITAL FOR and ARNING, D., M.B., Ch.B. Manch., Clinical Assistants. SICK CHILDREN, Great Ormond-street, W.C. Special Medical Out-patient Department; EDWARDS, M. E., M.B.,. medical demonstration by Dr. Donald Paterson at Ch.B. Manch., and BRADLEY, D. M., M.B., Ch.B. Manch.,. 2.30 P.M. on Mon. (The above are open to the medical Clinical Assistants, Surgical Out-patient Department; ELLIS, profession without fee.)—LONDON LOCK HOSPITAL, W. for one course month :-. R., M.B., Ch.B. Man., Cardiological Registrar; ASHWORTH, Dean-street, Comprehensive H. K., DT.B., Ch.B. Manch., Junior Anaesthetist. clinical instruction and formal series of lectures.HAMPSTEAD GENERAL HOSPITAL, Haverstock-hill, N.W. Westminster Hospital : BALL, W. A., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S., Special course for general practitioners, 4.30 to 6 P.M. CowLE, G. H., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S., House Physicians ;-NATIONAL HOSPITAL, Queen-square, W.C. Special OLSSON, G. K., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S., House Surgeon; in Further informapost-graduate course ScoTT-EASTON, W. H., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S., Resident. Neurology. tion from the Secretary, Mayfair 2236. Obstetric, Assistant; CUTTING, P. E. J., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S., Resident Medical Officer. WEST LONDON HOSPITAL, POST-GRADUATE COLLEGE, Hammersmith, W. MONDAY, Oct. 31st.—11 A.M., Mr. Tyrrell Gray : Surgical Wards. 2 P.M., Mr. Armour : Operations. 4.30 P.M., Mr. Addison : Tumours of the Breast (lecture). TUESDAY, Nov. 1st.—10 A.M., Medical Registrar : Ward 2 P.M., Mr. Sinclair : Surgical OutDemonstration. For further information refer to the advertisement columns. patients. 4.30 P.M., Dr. Owen: Infant Feeding (lecture). WEDNESDAY.-10 A.M., Dr. Owen : Medical Diseases of-Birmingham, Witton Babies Hospital.—Res. A,1.0. £150. Children. 10 A.M., Dr. Burnford: Medical Wards. Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth Common, S.W.—H.P. At ’ rate of 120. 2 P.M., Dr. Scott Pinchih : Medical Out-patients.


Medical Diary.