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Oral presentations

Oral presentations

ORAL PRESENTATIONS P. B. l~ucE (Berkeley) L. T. CU~D~TON (Canberra) OPENING LF,,CIXJRE (Chair:. Siff.i,ma Gin) Advances in sohd state nuclear track ...

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L. T. CU~D~TON (Canberra)

OPENING LF,,CIXJRE (Chair:. Siff.i,ma Gin) Advances in sohd state nuclear track det~tors (45)* TRACK FORMATION ! (Chah':. S. A. ~ ) Theory for latent parUcle tracks m polymers (30)

E. SCHOPI~ (Frankfurt)

Hollow tracks of heavy tons m AgCi(Cd) detecton--conmbuuon to the radial profile of the acUon of charged particles m solids (30)

K. O G R ~

Pamcle penetraUon through frozen gases (15)



R BltANDT(Marburg)

Track formaUon by release of latttce energy (15) NUCLEAR PHYSICS I (Chak: P. Vater) Wtde angle enusston of heavy fragments m relattwsttc heavy ton collmtons and some open problems (30)


DigRal-controlled measurement and threc-dtmenssonal reconstrucUon of parttcle tracks m emulston chamber of CERN/EMU01 experiment (15)

K K Dwxv~D1 (Shillong)

Stucbes on the fimon of heavy tons and parttcle evaporatton using nuclear track detectors (15)

R. ILI~ (LjubIjana)

Etched track detectors m solar nentnno experiments (15)


RADON I (Cludr:. P. B. Price) Radon as a health hazard at home. what are the facts~ (30)

S A DURRANI(Btrmmgham) H A. KHAN (Islamabad)

Usefulness of radon measurements m earth sctences (30)

M M MONNIN (Montpelher)

A comprebenstve approach of radon measurements for geophystcal stucbes (30) SPACE RESEARCH (Chair:. T. Doke)

K OOURA (Chtba)

DeterminaUon of high LET cosmtc pa~cles trajectories for space radtobtologlcal studses (15)

C. I~JtON (Pans)

C o m u c ray-mduced spallaUon recoiltracks tn meteonttc phosphales. simulatlon at the C E R N synchrocyclotron (15)

K ODA (Kobe)

luctdent angle dependence of protein response of CR-39 (TS-16) track detector (I0)

Pu-YING ZHENO (Beljlng)

Study of nuclear tracks m emulsion carried by Chinese satelhte(I0) NUCLEAR


P H Y S I C S II (Chah': H, S, ViA) The use of CR-39 plasticdetectorsfor investigationofelasttcscattenng of exotic nuclei (15)


Study of high energy heavy fragments from the mteracUon of 3 65 GeV/N 'gF and Cu (15)

M Dlmr~UVAlS(Strasbourg)

Apphcatton of SSNTD m nuclear physics and espeaally to the reactton 2"nU+ A S at 15 MeV/n (15)

XING-ZIioNG l.J (Ikqmg)

Anomalous nuclear phenomenon and sohd state nuclear track detector (15)

DE-LING PANG (Shangha0

H S. VnuK (Amritsar)

RADON II (Chair:. M. Sohrabi) The advancement of sohd state nuclear track technique for radon momtor (30) Radon and earthquake predtctton tn Indta. present status (30)

*Tune, in nnnutes, at the speaker's dmposal XXv

Oral Presentations

xxvi XIAN-JIE L! (Hengyang)

The first national intereumparimn of radon integrating detectors in radon chamber (15)

H. S u g u c g (Fnbourg)

Radon momtonng m mtb and water (15)


NEUTRON ! (Clmir:. E. Selmpper) The importance of track detectors m radiauun protecuon dmimetry O0)

Sm-LuN Ouo (Beijmg)

Latest development of nuclear track study m China Institute of Atomic Energy (30)

R J TANNF-~(Didcot)

NRPB PADC neutron personal dmimetry after ICRP 60 (15)

CmNG-SImN Su (Hsinchu)

LIFE SCIENCE/NELrrRON n (Cltak: M. A. Famawy) Alpha pa~cle radiography of small insects (15)

JI^-QI WANG (BeIjmg)

A TLD reader based on stogie-clap nmcroproceszor (10)

M. BI/~RA-LuSZlK (Braumchwmg)

A wzde-range neutron do~ameter based on a CR-39 track detector (10)

G STmEuem. (Dresden)

Neutron doumetry by means of chemically etched CR-39 m t e n a l PATRAS (10)

YONG-QIAN Sm (Bmjmg)

Reactor power measurement by SSNTD (10)

A MAJ~D (Islamabad)

Neutron spectrum measurements using electrochemically etched CR.39--spectrum unfolding (10)

B. G ~ 2


NUCLEAR PHYSICS HI (Chair:. Hmm ~ CId) Target fragmentaUon m 3 65 GeV nC + ~ P b reactmn (10)

L. PATRIZII(Bologna)

Cahbratmn of the Intercut CR-39 (10)

DONott,.l Z.qANG (Lmfen)

The mean free path ofalpha projectde fragments from 'eO--Em at 60 A OeV (10)

J. RA~ (Shdlong)

Fusmn-fissmn of 23sU and ~BI m different SSNTDs (10)

S. M SARTOm(Tonno)

An electromagnetic dmoctatmn study m CR-39 and m emulsion (10)


Study of range-energy relaUon of '~Si heavy runs m Tuffak polyearbonate track detector (10)

ZHI-H~G TIAN (Hengyang)

RADON !!! (Chair:. G. F _ ~ ) Fast and multlfuncUonal method of radon measurement umng track detector (15)

T Cm~ZAK~N (Songkla)

Ligmte and un ores exploration m soutbem part of Tluuland by umng nuclear track-etch detectors (15)

N. S~3OVlA (Memco)

Radon momtonng related to a subductmn zone m Mex,co (10)

Zu-HuI Lu (Zhengzhou)

Prospecting od and gas depomts voth CR-39 detectors (15)

J Hmmcr.z (Lmpzig)

Experiences wRh radon measurements for earthquake prediction and landshdes (10)

D. KLaN (Belfort)

Nuclear track detcetors for radon monitoring m coal nunes m Kouzbass Siberian region (Rummn ConfederaUon) (I0)

R. B~LLON (Bemnfon)

Continuous measurements of radon content in groundwater on the volcamc me of "Piton de la Foumalse" (Island of Reumon, France) (IO)

J L. SmDEL (Montpelher)

Hydrogeology studies using SSHTD and electromc detectors (10)

Oral Presentations

A. C t e ~ u ~ r



G E O S C I - ~ C E ! (Clink: IL Bramdt) Thennochronology by fmmn tracks: an exact snverse method associ. ated v.qth the resoluUon of a single ordinary dsfferenual equaUon (ODE) (30)

V P. Pmuu.vom (Dubna)

The study of nuclear tracks in crystals (30)

Sm-Cm~o WXNO (Beijing)

Recent progress m fission track analysm and Its apphcauons m Cluna (30)

J. U. SCMOTT(X61n)

TRACK FORMATION H (Chair:. L. T. Cha~lm'tem) Time resolving detector systems" charge coupled dewces m studies of single particle events (10)

X ~ o - w ~ T ^ s o (Beijmg)

Scanning tunnehng tmcroseopy study of heavy ton tracks and a latent track nuclear detector (15)

D. FINg (Berhn)

lrradlaUon of PMMA wRh lugh energy hght tons. the depth dlstnbuuons for volatde reaction-product emmslon (10)


New results on the description of the etching process m polymers lrrachated with heavy tons and the systematacs of pore opemng with the help of the model of low-energy excltaUons (10)

A. DUNLOP (Palameau)

Influence of the trradiauon temperature and of the crystallograplnc structure on track formation m metalhc compounds (10)

O. A. Bm~XOLX (Buenos Aires)

Detectton threshold m Polymers (10)


Study of latent heavy ton tracks m SSNTD by small-angle neutron scattenng (10)

G Bmxzzl (l~sa)

GEOSCIENCE !I (Chair:. A. Chmhaudet) Apphcatlon of fisston track daung to archaeometry- provenance studies of prelustonc obstchan artifacts (15)

SHUN-Sm~NOLXU (Changsha)

Fission track dating of Hongkong gramtes by comparison method wRh standard age sample (15)

S Kosmmzu 0fokosuka)

Comparison of thermal stability between mternal and external surfaces of zircon (10)

XmLU D ~ G (Dahan)

Computer slmulauon of the etclung process of the fission track (10)

M GmVL~ (Besan~on)

Electron microscopy analysts of krypton ton tracks reduced m Durango apatite (10)

RUX-~NO Hu (Guangzhou)

Fisston track dating of quartz (10)

Lu W~ (Tlanjm)

RADON IV (Cludr: M. M. Mmmin) Use of SSNTD to study envlrongeology of carcanogen radon m Gejtu area (I 0)

I B.~lt (Bmmngham)

Combining nested and hnear samphng for determining the scale and form of the spaUal vanatton of sod radon m the Midlands area of England (10)

F.J~NG Z.q~O-GUo (Changsha)

Investtgatton on dtstnbuuon of indoor radon concentratton (10)

F. Aau-J~ud> (Dhahran)

Effect of 10 6#m pulsed laser on the CR-39 (10)

F ~ o Yus~ol (Beijmg)

Evaluatson of solid state nuclear track detectors for radon measuremerit (10)


Radon-222 indoor concentration m the CIAE region of Besjmg (10)

M. A. ICo~Awv (Cairo)

CR-39 and LR-115 as a secondary standard dos~mcter for radon dose cahbrauon (10)

Oral Presentations

xxviil N. P. SI~OH (Sangrur)

Charactermtion of soil parameten for radon usessment m human envtronments (10)

a-QmNo ZHU (Beijing)

Radon measurement in selsmolo#cal research (10) TRACK DEVELOPMENT I (Ckalr: H. A. Khaa) Dtscovery of tome phenomena m polycarbonate detectors by a novel triplet ECE Technique (30)

M. Somuou (Tehran)

Track treemg mechanism and tts apphcanon (30)

I~ BOYANO(Beijing)

FILTERS (Chl~. K. K. E ~ H ) P. VA'r~ (Marburg)

New achtevements in mdustnal appheations of nuclear track mtcrofllters (30)

S. l-lm~ (Marburg)

On the development of polypropylene (PP) mtcrofilters (10)

R m u ~ o Wu (Beijmg)

Apphcanon of new nuclear track mtcroporous membrane m transdermal therapeuuc system (TTS) (10)

Cxoso-D~ ZaAO 0kijing)

Study on PVDF nuclear track filter (10)

G. ~

TRACK DEVELOPMENT I1 ( C ~ . Sima-Slm~ Liu) Development m the mstrumentatton for counting and analysts of parncle tracks in sohds (15)


g. M~zTm (Buenos Aires)

Subrmcroscopical nuclear track kmcttc theory (15)

C S. CHoso (Penang)

The effect of X-ray irradiauon on track formauon in LR-I ! 5 Type II track detector (10)

R. SltW~gAm (Btmungham)

Effects of gamma trradmtton on the bulk and track etchmg properties of cellulose nitrate (Duicel 6000) and CR-39 plastics (10)

SH. MAtIDt (Tehran)

A qmck DYECET method of ECE particle tracks m polymer detectors

(10) CR-39 imaged by atomic force nucroscope (I0)

J. B. VuKovl¢~ (Belgrade)

RADON V (Chair:. L T ~ ) Stattsttcs and error constderaUons at the application of SSNTDtechnique in radon measurement (10)

G. JOmsoN (Lund) R. W. POLLOCK0qorthbrook)

Presoak studies with CR-39 and Lexan (10)

R. H. M A ~ T (Kuala Lumpur)

Passtve measurement of radon emanation rate from the soil (10)

e l f i n LING (Betjmg)

The measurement of eqmhbrmm factor for radon by SSNTD (10)


Turbldimetry for measurement of radon concentration (10)

SHANOBtNO (Beijing)

CR-39 radon detectors (10)

Lu Y A N ~ O


SUN HANCI4L~G (Beijlng)

Measurement of mrbome radon concentration m air-conditioned building by umng SSNTD (10) DETECTORfrRACIK OBSERVATION (Chair:. V. P. Perdyl~) Nuclear emuhton m China (30)

M. l ~ m (Kobata)

Agmng effects on a new polymcrg track detector SR-90 and a model of the nuclear track formation (30)

E GAN~tAUGE(Marburg)

A new apparatus for track-analysts m nuclear track emulmon, based on a CCD-camcra devme (30)

M. ~

Vernon 3.0 "Atom" software wtth bmlt-m motorized stage control for optical microscopy analysis of nuclear tracks (10)


Oral Presentatmns



Concluding rcvlew on the 16th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks m Sohds (30)

S A Du~t~N! (B,rmmgham)

Concluding remarks (30)