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Semiconductor Devices manufacture

Semiconductor Devices manufacture

Websites Websites SAES Getters supports your innovation Having missed the fact that SAES Getters had sold its Trace Analytical process gas chromatogr...

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Websites SAES Getters supports your innovation Having missed the fact that SAES Getters had sold its Trace Analytical process gas chromatograph assets to AMETEK Process Instruments, I wandered along to what is a really elegant website with graphics that remind one of those wonderful Olivetti diaries of decades ago. Under large bubbles, and above a building prow pointing into a mackerel sky, is the introduction “For the last sixty years, our getter solutions have been fostering and supporting technological innovation in the information display and lamp industries, in ultra high vacuum systems, in a wide range of electronic device-based applications, and in the vacuum thermal insulation. The Group also delivers solutions for ultrapurity gas handling to the semiconductor, fiber optics and other hi-tech markets.” Well, in 2004 the Group decided to expand its business in advanced material niche markets, with the introduction of advanced optical crystals for optoelectronic device and high-power laser markets; shape memory alloys for automotive, transportation and electronic appliance industries; metalorganic materials for CVD; and getters for MEMS and microelectronic hermetically packaged devices.

With Chinese, Korean and Japanese language websites accessible through the home site, there’s no mention of the gas chromatograph. Pride of place in March goes to Brookhaven National Laboratory at Upton, Long Island, NY for choosing SAES’ IntegraTorr non-evaporable getter thin-film technology to coat 108 vacuum chambers of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) machine. Seems CERN got it right when it developed and patented the technique of sputtering NEG thin films for use as vacuum pumping for particle accelerators, to meet the specific requirements of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. SAES Getters obtained a license agreement and a successful technology transfer from CERN, and this sputtering technique has now become part of its NEG product portfolio. There’s really only one gripe about this site and that’s the lack of advanced optical crystal, some shape memory alloy morphing, even a hermetically packaged device would do!! Web:

Semiconductor Devices manufacture SCD is another company with a cool clean site, that is devoted to how it “designs, develops and manufactures a full spectrum of infrared detectors and high power laser diodes.” GaAs is grown by state-of-theart MOCVD.

I like the progress through the processing stages, and the photographs which suggest strongly that this is a working, manufacturing company. I confess to liking their product names as they are easier to recall than the jumble of alphanumeric systems that many component suppliers prefer and which buyers have to quote correctly.

infrared detector with time delayed integration; to Temperature dependence of spatial noise in InSb focal plane arrays and the Advantages of SCD detectors for missile warning system applications And there’s a concise, up-to-date, 2005 profile. Established: 1976. Parent company: Rafael (50%) & Elbit Systems (50%). Location: Leshem industrial park, Galilee mountains, Israel. Employees: 300. Annual turnover $72M ~5500 detectors/pa. Export: 50% of sales to North America, Europe and Far East Asia. Only one gripe, no press releases! Web:

It’s relaxing to think that you have only to choose between Falcon, Flamingo, Gemini, and Blue Fairy - well there is Sebastian on offer too (with digital readout) in both large and medium formats. And if anyone wants to catch up with the company, it’ll be at Munich in June for Laser 2005, Baltimore for NightVision in October and Sydney,Australia for the Land Warfare conference, also in October. They do have a wonderful amount of authored papers on IR. From “A digital cooled InSb detector for IR detection; Long mid-wave


SCD develops and manufactures a range of infrared detectors and high power laser diodes.