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Subject index

SUBJECT INDEX Amino Acryl Arylamidases, amidases, ilminopeptidases), Spectrophotometrir Assay nl.. 397 Amino Sugars, and Cpsteine Ligand Exrhangfa Ami...

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SUBJECT INDEX Amino Acryl Arylamidases, amidases, ilminopeptidases), Spectrophotometrir Assay nl.. 397 Amino Sugars, and Cpsteine Ligand Exrhangfa Amino ysis: Resolution of Some,

A Acid Hydrolytic Conditions, The Effect of Nitroargininr on Phenylalanine under. MORITZ AND WADE. 446 Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis. of Hcmoglobin Polypeptide Chains, STEGINK et NI., 351 S-Adenosylhomocysteine, and S-Adenosylmethionine. Quantitative Analysis of. in Animal Tissues, S4LvATORE et al., 16 S-Adenosylmethionine. and S-Sdenosylhomocysteine. Quantitative ilnalysis of, in Animal Tissues, SALVATORE et al.,


Drrivatives. Acid AnalRacslc~



Aminopeptidases. Naphthylamidases, A Simple Spectrophotometric .4ssay for Amino Acryl Bcylamidases. LEF: el al., 397 ilmmonium Sulfate, Concentrated. Chromatography of Proteins on Diethylaminoethyl-Cellulose in, MAYHEW AND



A4denyl Cyclase, and Guanyl Cyclase. Separation of Cyclic 3’.5’-Sucleoside Monophosphates from Other Nmleotides on -4luminum Oxide Columns. ;\pplication to the Assay of. WHITE .~ND ZENSER, 372 5-Alkyltetrahydrafolic Acids (did-Alkyl5.6.7.8-tetrahpdropteroyl-n-monoglutamic Acids), Preparation of, BLAIR AND S.4UNDERS. 332 Aluminum Oxide Columns, Separation of Cyclic 3’,5’-Nucleoside Monophosphates from Other Nucleotides on. Application to the Assay of Adenyl Cyclase. WHITE .4x1 ZENSER, 372 $mino-Chance Spectrophotometer, A Simple Large Volume Cell Suitable for Multiparameter Measurements in. MEROLA et rrl.. 455 Amino Scid Analyses, Basic, Internal Standards for. BATES. 158 Amino Arid Analysis : Ligand Exchange. Resolution of Some Amino Sugars and Cysteine Derivatives. WAGNER AND SHEPHERD.

(NaphthylA Simple for. l,ei< et


Oxidation, An Intrrmrdiatr of Ornithine: Preparation and of 2,4-Diaminovalcric: Fi inmcterization Acid, ~%MACK ef n!., 132 Arylamidasrs. Amino ilrryl, (Naphthylnmidases. Aminopeptidases). A Simple Spectrophotomctric ilssay for, LEE et al.. 397 Azeotropic M&hod. General, Highly Efficient. of Esterification of Amino acids, DYMICKY et nl., 487

B Bovine Serum Albumin, ““Cl Nuclear Magnetic Resonance St,udies of Metal Binding to, SUDMEIER AND PESEK. 39 5-Bromouracil Distribution, Analysis of. in Partially Substituted Deoxyribonucleic Arids. Corrr~ AND HANAwALF, 51

Brain Tissue Extracts. Unpurified, Rapid Enzymk Mrthods for Determination of the Specific Radioactivity of Metabolic Intermediates in, STRAXG AND BACHELARD. 533 Bromide. Cetyl Trimethylammonium. The Use of, for the Estimation of In Viva Incorporation of Radioactive Pmcursors into RNA. DUXN, 460


Bmino Arid Analyzer, Separation of some Glycyl Dipeptides with the use of. K~~~.~LEzYK et nl., 297 Amino Acids, .4 General, Highly Efficient .4zeotropic Method of Estrritication of. DYMICKY rf t/l., 487 Amino Acids. Basic. Column Chromatographic Analysis of Tryptophan with. BERRIDGE et cd., 256

C”-Labeled eter for to Chick 59

Substances, Hadioreapiromthe Study of, Administjercd Embryos. CLEX>IONS, 415



C-14. Manometric~ I>etrrmination of (‘02 Combined with Scintillation Counting of, AROSWS AN,) VAS SLYKIL 173 Carboxylasr, Leaf-Rihulose-1, 5-Diphorphatr. A One-Step Method for the, Isolation and Dctcrmination of, GOLD\vAITE AND BOOOR4D. 57 Chloride Gradients, ImCesium mobilization and Localization of DNA in, with Polyacrylnmide Gels. COIJ:. 274 Cctyl Trimethylrtmmonium Bromide. The Use of, For the Estimation of In I-iz~o Incorporation of Radioactive Precursors into RNA. DUNN. 460 Charcoal Assay, for Intrinsic Facto1 ITsing Membrane Filtration. BLOOMFIELD AND SCOTT, 402 Chromatograms, Thin-Layer. A Rapid Fluorometric Micromethod for in Situ Quantitation of Lipids on, ROCH ANI) GROSSRERG. 105 ?iuclrar Magnetic Resonance ““Cl Studies, of Metal Binding to Bovine P?rum AhWin. I$I:BZIEIER AXD PRSEK. 39 “CO, Collection. A Simple Incubation Flask for. Fox. 578 Manometric Determination of, CO*. Combined with Scintillation Counting of C-14, ARONSON ASD VAN SLYKE. 173 Collagen Peptides, Characterization of, trv Sodium Dodecylsulfate-Polyacr,vlamide Elwtrophorcsis. FYKTHMATR .4ND TIWL. 510 Cystamine Peptides. and &tine. Disulfide Interchange Reactions between, COS




D Deoxyribonucleic Acids, ysis of 5-Bromouracil

Partially AnalDistrihution in, COUCH .4ND HANAWALT. 51 2 4-Diaminovaleric Arid. Preparation and Characterization of: An Intrrmediate in the Anaerobic Oxidation of Ornithine, SOMACK et rd.. 132 Dicthvlaminoethyl-Cellulose. Chromatolrralhy of Proteins on, in Concentrated



;\mmonium Stilfatr. Honer,r,. 466 I~~t~tl~~l:~mino~th~l~~~ll~~los~~ ral)hy. Simplified. of .h!h’(;liE





ChromatogRibonurleosidrs. 286

Digitonin-Silica Thin 1,ayers. Group Sqwation of A’-3-Oxosteroids ant1 A’-3,8-Hydroxysteroids hy Chromntogralhy on, TATLOR. 435 Dilwlltides, Glycgl, Se1raration of some. with the Use of rlmino Acid Analyzer. IG~~~.v-\r.czYI~ et Ill.. 297 1)X.4 (‘omplex. Insoluble Radio:icti\-e. For Determination of Sbrrphylococcus cr~retcs DcoxyrihonucleasActivity. SHARER .4xD WOODROW. 430 DKA. Immobilization and Localization of, in Crsium Chloride Gradients with Polyacrylamide Gels, COLE. 274 D?JA. Isolation of Ultraviolet Light Induced Pyrimidine Dimers from Enzymir Hydrolpzatcs of, SMMALL AND &4RKR. 116 DSA. Optimal Conditions for the Fluorometric Determination of. HOLWRTSON .&SD TNT. 477

E I~;lcctrol)horesis. Acrylamide GP~, of Chains, Hemoglobin Polypeptide h~:mIi et al.. 351 Electrophoresis. Ion-Exchange, of Histone on Polyacrylamide Gel Containing Acrylic Acid, KLEMI~RER .4X1) JOKE, 581 Elcctrophorcsis, Sodium DodrcylaulfatePolyacrylamide, Characterization of Collagen Peptides by, FTTRTHMATH .4xD TIMPL. 510 Enzymie Hydrolyzates, Isolation of ITltraviolet Light Induced Pprimidinc Dimrrs from. of DNA. SM.ILL AND SPARKS. 116 Enzymic Methods, Rapid, for Determination of the Sprrific Radioactivity of Metabolic Int,ermediates in I’npurified Brain Tissue Extracts, STRANC IiYD BACHELARD. 533 Estcrnse -4ctivity, A Kew Assay of.



I’sing Gas-Liquid Chroinatogr:~~,l~~, IKEZA~A et al., 408 Esterification, A General, Highly Efficient Aaeotropic Method of. of Amino Acids, DYMICK~ et ni., 487 Ethanol-Magnesium Precipitation, Rapid Isolation of Insect Rihosomal Subunits by, KAVLENAS. 126 Event Marker, Easily Constructed. STRUMEYER ASD FISHEK, 162 F Fatty Acids, Free, An Automated Method for t,he Analysis of, KASHKET, 166 Ficoll. Estimation of Experimental Condit.ions That Permit Cell Separations hy Velocity Sedimentation of Isokinetic Gradients of, in Tissue Culture Medium, PRETLOW. 248

G Gas-Liquid Chromatography, A New Assay of Esterase $ctivitp ITsing, IKEZAWA et nE.. 408 Gel Elcrtrophoresis Apparatus, AutoHODSON mated Preparative, .4ND II~TS~~. 522 Gel Electrophoretic Assay, for Trace Amounts of Ribonuclease. M.ANS AND ALV.4REz. 560 Glycosaminoglycans. A Method for Det,ermination of the Sulphate Content of, TERHO AND HARTIALA, 471 Glycosaminoglycans, Acidic, Electrophoresis of, in Hydrochloric Acid: A Micro Method for Sulfate Determination, WERRLER, 67 Glycyl Dipeptides, some, Separation of, with the Use of Amino Acid Analyzer, KOW.~LCZYK et al., 297 Glyoxalase Enzyme System, A Rapid Assay for, ALEXANDER END BOYER, 29 Gradient Elution, of Isoelectric Precipitates from a Molecular Sieve Carrier: A Useful Separation Technique for Biologic Components. BJORKLUND, 287 Groundnut Proteins, A Comparison of

INDEX the Fractionation of, by two different met’hods. LAWSON, 305 (&my1 Cyolasr. and Adenyl Cyrlase, Separation of Cyclic 3’,5’-Nucleoside Monophosphates from other Nucleotides on Bluminum Oxide Columns, Application to the Assay of, WHITE AND ZESSER, 372

H Hemoglobin Polypcptide Chains, Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of, STEGINK et al., 351 Histone, Ion-Exchange Electrophoresis of, on Polyacrylamide Gel containing Acrylic Acid. KLEMPERER .~ND JOICE, 581 h”-3P-Hydroxysteroids, and A4-3-0x0steroids, Group Separation of. by Chromatography on Digitonin-Silica Thin Layers, TAYLOR. 435 I irk Situ Quantitation, A Rapid Fluorometric Micromethod for, of Lipids on Thin-Layer Chromatograms, ROCH AND GROSSBERG, 105 Incubation Flask, Simple, for “CO, Collection, Fox. 578 Intrinsic Factor, A Charcoal Assay for, Using Membrane Filtration, BLOOMFIELLI AND SCOTT, 402 Ion-Exchange Electrophoresis. of Histone on Polyacrylamide Gel Containing Acrylic Acid, KLEMPERER .~ND JOICE, 581 Isoelectric Focusing, The Effect of Nonionic Detergent on the Fractionation of Proteins by, FRIESEN et al.. 149 Isoelectric Precipitates, Gradient Elution of, from a Molecular Sieve Carrier: A Useful Separation Technique for Biologic Components, BJORKLUND, 287 Isokinetic Gradients, of Ficoll, Estimation of Experimental Conditions that Permit Cell Separations by Velocity Sedimentation on, in Tissue Culture Medium, PRETLOW, 248


K Ketosteroids, Derivatives for the Stud: of, by Gas Chromatography. Application to Urinary Steroids of the Newhorn Human : 0-Benzyloximes, DEv.4cx et 01.. 70 L Ligand Exchange Amino Acid Analysis : Resolution of Some Amino Sugars and Cysteine Derivatives. WAGNER AND SHEPARD, 314 Ligand-Macromolecule Binding Studies, Molecular Sieve Studies of Interacting Prot.ein Systems. VII. Direct Optical Scanning Method fort BRUMB.~UOH AND ACKERS, 543 J,igand-Protein Binding Interactions, Measurement of, in a Biphasic Aqueous Polymer System. GRAY AND CHAMBERLIN,


Lipids. $ Rapid Fluorometric Micromethod for in Situ Quantitation of, on Thin-Layer Chromatograms, ROCH .ZSI)


105 M

Manometric Determination, of CO? Combined with Scint,illation Counting of C-14. ARONSON AND VAX SLYKE. 173 Mrlanins, Microchemical Detection of, HACIXAN




Membrane Filtration, A Charcoal Assay for Intrinsic Factor Using, BL~~MFIELD AXD



Metabolic Intermediates, Rapid Enzymic Methods for Determination of the Specifir Radioactivity of, in Unpurified Brain Tissue Extracts, STRANG AND B.ACHEL.4RD. 533 Microdiffusion Studies, Disposable and Versatile Vessels for, COOSEY, 583 Microstirrer. Versatile, Inexpensive, for Spectrophotometer Cuvets, HERLIHY .41vD MURSHY,


Molecular Sieve Carrier: ( Gradient Elution of Isoelectric Precipitates from, >l Useful Separation Technique



for Biologic Components, BJORKLUND. 287 Molecular Sieve Studies, of Interacting Protein Systems. VII. Direct Optical Scanning Method for Ligand-Macromolecule Binding Studies. BltlXK4UoH ASD ACKERS. 543 Monoamine Osidase, Realistic Estimations of Kinetic Constants for the Oxidation of Naturally Occurring AND Monoamines by, WEETMALS\~EETTMAN. 517 Monoamines, Naturally Occurring, Realistic Estimations of Kinetic Constants for the Oxidation of, by Monoamine Oxidasc, WEETMAN .~ND SWEETMAN. -.w


Monophosphates, 3’d’-Nucleoside. Cyclic, Separation of, from Other Sucleotidrs on Aluminum Oxide Columns. Application to the Assay of Adenyl Cyclase and Guanyl Cyclase. WHITE AND ZENSER, 372

N NaphthyIamitiases, Aminopeptidases. d Simple Spectrophotometric Assay for Amino Acryl Arylamidases, LEE et al.. 397

Nitroarginine, The Effect of, on Phenylnlanine Under Arid Hydrolytic Conditions. MORITZ ASD WADE, 446 Nonionic Detergent. The effect of, on the Fractionation of Proteins h? Isoelectric Focusing, FRIESEN et cd.. 149 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies. ““Cl. of Metal Binding to Bovine Serum Albumin, SUDMEIER AND Pesex. 39 3’.5’-Nucleosidc Monophosphates. Cyclic,. Separation of. from Other Nuclrotides on Aluminum Oxide Columns. Application to the Assay of Adenyl Cyclase and Gunny1 Cyclase. WHITE AND ZENSER. 372


0 :, Derivatives





study of Iietosteroids by Gas Chromatography. Bpplicat,ion to Urinary Steroids of the Newborn Human, DEVAUX et cl/., 70 O!igonucleotidc Solutions. A Rapid Method for Desalting and Concentrating, VAN DEN Bos et nl., 203 Oligonucleotides, Bcylatcd, Gel Filtration of, HEIMEIZ et nl.. 323 Optical Scanning Method, Direct, for Ligand-Macromolecule Binding Studies VII. Molecular Sieve Studies of Interacting Protein Systems, BRUMBAUGH AND ACKERR. 543 Ornithine. An Intermediate in the Anaerobic Oxidation of, SOMACK et nl., 132 Oxidation Reaction, Coupled, Sensitive Method for Determination of Periodase Activity in Tissue by Means of, .~ND




A’-3-Oxosteroids. and A’-3p-Hydroxysteroids, Group Separation of, by Chromatography on Digitonin-Silica Thin-Layers, TAYLOR, 435 Oxygen Electrode Studies. A Stable, Sensitive Amplifier for, CARR et al., 492 Oxygen Electrode, Multichannel Recording Amplifier for Biochemical Studies, C1RK




P Pepsin. A TJseful Spectrophotometric Rate Assay for, STEIN et nl., 360 Peptides. Collagen. Characterization of, by Sodium Dodecylsulfate-Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis, FURTHMAYR AND TIMPL. 510 Pcroxidase Activity, Sensitive Method for Determination of, in Tissue by Means of Coupled Oxidation Reaction, I,UNDQUIST ASD JOSEFSSON. 567 Phenylalanine. The Effect of Nitroarginine on. Under Acid Hydrolytic Conditions, MORITZ AND WADE, 446 Phosphatases, Applications of New Methods for Their Separation, DEAN el al., 344


Photoelectric Scanner, Modification of the Analytical Ult,racentrifugr Schlieren Analysis. REISNER ANI)

of. for ROWE.


Plasma Corticost.eroids. A Comparison of Spectrofluorometric and Comprtitive Protein Binding Methods for t.he Measurement of, SARIN et ul., 265 Polyacrylamide Gel. Containing Arrylil* Acid. Ion-Exchange Electrophor:sis of Histone on, HLEMPERER ANI) JOICE, 581 Polyacrylamide Gels, Immobilization and Localization of DNA in Ccsium Chloride Gradients with, COLE. 274 Polymer System, Biphnsic Aqueous. Measurement, of Ligand-Protein Bintling Interactions in, Ga.ZY AND CHAMBERLIN, 70 Pressure-Time Data, Aut.omatic Recording of, BACON AND SCHOWEN, 277 Protein Binding Methods. Spectrofluorometric and Competitive, A Comparison of, for the Measurement of Plasma Corticosteroids, SAWN et nl., 265 Proteins, Chromatography of, on Diethylaminoethyl-Cellulose in Concentrated Ammonium Sulfate, MAYHEW AND HOWELL, 466 Prot,eins, The Effect of Nonionic Detergent of the Fractionation of, h: Isoelectric Focusing, FRIESEN et al., 149

Pprimidine Dimers, Induced, isolation Hydrolyzates of SPARTES, 116

Ultraviolet Light, of, from Enzgmic DNA, SMALL AND

R Radioactive Precursors. The Us17 of Cetyl Trimethylammonium Bromide for the Estimation of In Vim Incorporation of, into RNA, DUNN. 460 Radiorrspirometer. for the Study of C’“Labeled Substances Bdminist,ered to Chick Embryos, CLEMMONS. 415 Rayleigh Optical Systems, and Schliercn. Alignment of, in the Ultracentrifuge I.


Focusing of the Camera and Cylindrical Lenses, &CHARDS et al., 189 Rayleigh Optical Systems, and Schlieren, Alignment of, in the Ultracentrifuge II. ;2 General Procedure. RICHARDS et al..


Rihonuclraae, for Trace

Gel Electrophoretic Amounts of, MANS

$ssay AND

560 Rihonucleic Acid, Tritiated, Evaluation of Different Scintillation Cocktails for the Counting of, Separated by Sucrose Gradirnt Centrifugation, MCDOWELL AND COPELAND, 338 Ribonucleosides, Simplified Diethylaminoethylcellulose Chromatography of, M~CGEE AND SMITH, 286 Ribosomal Subunits. Insect, Rapid Isolation of, by Ethanol-Magnesium Precipitation, KAVLENAS, 126 Ribulose-1. 5-diphosphate Carboxylase, Leaf. A One-Step Method for the Isolation and Determination of, GOLDTHWAITE AND BOGORAD, 57 RNB. The Use of Cetyl Trimethylammonium Bromide for the Estimation of ln Viz10 Incorporation of Radioactive Precursors into, D~:Ns, 460 ALV~RW.

s Schlieren ilnalysis, Modification of the Photoelectric Scanner of the Analytical Ultracentrifuge for, REISNER AND Rows:. 1 Schlieren Optical Systems, and Rayleigh, Alignment of, in the Ultracentrifuge I. Focusing of the Camera and Cylindrical Lenses, RICHARDS et nl., 189 Schlirren Optical Systems, and Rayleigh, Alignment of, in the Ultracentrifuge II. A General Procedure. RICH.~RDS et al., 215 Scintillation Cocktails, Different, Evaluation of, for the Counting of Tritiated Ribonucleic Acid Separated by Sucrose Gradient Centrifugxtion, MCDOWELL AND COPEL4ND. 338 Sodium Dodecylsulfate-Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis, Characterization of



Collagen AND



Spectrophotometer Inespensive AND





Cuvets, Microstcrrer

A Versatile, for, HERLIH~


Spectrophotomctric Rate Assay, Useful, for Pepsin, STEIS et t/l., 360 Staphylococcus Aureus Droxyribonuclease Bctivity, Insoluble Radioactive DNA Complex for Determination of, SH,RI’E




Succinic Semialdehyde, Synthesis and Purification of, BRUCE et al., 271 Sucro,w Density Gradients. Extended. A Modified Fixed-Volume Mixer for, NEFF .ZND MEEKER. 365 Sucrose Gradient Centrifugation, Evaluation of Different Scintillation Cocktails for the Counting of Tritiated Ribonuclcic Acid Separated by, McDOWELL .\ND COPELAXD. 338 Sulfate Determination, A Micro Method for: Elertrophoresis of Acidic Glyrosaminoglycans in Hydrochloric Acid, WFZSLER, 67

T dl-tetrahydromethotrexatc (4-Amino+ deoxy-N’@-methyldl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropteroyl-L-monoglutamic Acid), Prepnration of Analogs of, BLAIR ANU SAUNDERS. 482 Tryptophan. Column Chromatographic Analysis of. with the Basic Amino Acids. BVRIDOE et al., 256

U Ultracentrifuge. Alignment of Schlieren and Rayleigh Optical Systems in, II. Focusing of t,he Camera and Cylindrical Lenses, RICHARDS et. nl., 189 Ultracentrifuge. Slignment of Schlieren and Rayleigh Optical Systems in, II. A General Proccdurc. RICH.~RDS et n!., 215 Ultracentrifuge, Analytical, Modification of the Photoelectric Scanner of the. for Schlieren -4nalysis. REISNER AND ROWE, 1



Urinary Steroids, Application to, of the Newborn Human. 0-Benzyloximes: Dee\Jatives for the Study of Ketosteroids DEVAUX

by et


Gas 70



W Wet Weight Determination. Lower Milligram Range, 270

in s.4~1~

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